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Transform / Ryo Kawahara


Transform / Ryo Kawahara
コンスタントに作品を発表しつつ、DJ活動も積極的に行っているRyo Kawaharaによる新曲。
そしてまさにRyo Kawaharaらしい、浮遊感溢れるパッド類に、突き刺すようなシンセ・リードで感じ取れる、緻密で丁寧なサウンドメイキング、プログラミングが光る、秀逸なDeep House / Erectric Soul!

New song “Transform”by Ryo Kawahara who is actively doing DJ activities while constantly presenting works.
A deep world view that synth bass tone color usage and groove also brings to Chicago House.
And exactly like Ryo Kawahara, a floating feeling pads, a precise and polite sound making, programming glows, which can be perceived with a stabbing synth lead, a superb Deep House / Erectric Soul!

About Ryo Kawahara

Title : Transform
Artist : Ryo Kawahara
Format : Digital Download
Catalog Number : FLRD-047
Release Date : 2018.01.22. on
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Yellowtail 2017 Mix / Little Big Bee


Yellowtail 2017 Mix / Little Big Bee
Little Big Beeのニューリリースは、2005年にアナログレコードのみで発売された楽曲 “Yellowtail”を、2017年バージョンとして甦らせたシングルです。

Little Big Bee’s new release is a single that revived the song 'Yellowtail' which was released only in vinyl in 2005 as the 2017 version.
After releasing, it was licensed and released from DJ / Producer Doc Martin’s label ”Sublebel" in the USA.
And this time, Juno Download finally starts delivering.
This track is a dubby baseline and a deep house track that locks the dance floor with repeating synths.

Title : Yellowtail 2017 Mix
Artist : Little Big Bee
Format : Digital Download
Catalog Number : FLRD-042
Release Date : 2017.11.14 on
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