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Lost Weekend / Down The Road

Slowly のMasato KomatsuとRyo Kawaharaがチルアウトな別名義Lost Weekendを始動。

淡く何処までも続くメロウなメロディー、そしてローファイかつダビーなエフェクト処理された音像。彼らの膨大な引き出しから様々な素材を引っ張り出して一気に作り上げた作品集。メロウネス溢れる『Lost Weekend Suite』はPart.1からPart.4までが連なった組曲でこのアルバムのハイライト・トラックと言える意欲作。エキゾ~ムード音楽的なサンプルが印象的な『Sunshine is Golden』、『Sweet Thing』、そしてSlowly名義でのスマッシュ・ヒット作Not Over Youを再構築した『It’s Not Over Yet』、ラストはChicによるオリジナル楽曲で、Robert Wyattの名演でも知られる『At Last I Am Free』でフィニッシュ。
初回完全限定生産のカセットテープ も同時リリース。
<Track List>
Side A
1.Intro(M.Komatsu, R.Kawahara)
2.Lost Weekend Suite Part.1(M.Komatsu, R.Kawahara)
3.Lost Weekend Suite Part.2(M.Komatsu, R.Kawahara)
4.Lost Weekend Suite Part.3(M.Komatsu, R.Kawahara)
5.Lost Weekend Suite Part.4(M.Komatsu, R.Kawahara)
Side B
1.Sunshine is Golden(M.Komatsu, R.Kawahara)
2.Sweet Thing(M.Komatsu, R.Kawahara)
3.It’s Not Over Yet(M.Komatsu, R.Kawahara)
4.At Last I Am Free (B.Edwards, N.Rodgers)

Digital Download
CLICK HERE (Bandcamp)

Analog LP (Sold Out)
Title : Down The Road
Artist : Lost Weekend
Catalog No. : FLRL-019
Format : 2LP
Release Date : 2022.08.24.
Price :3,800yen (without Tax) 4,180yen (Tax in)
Label : Flower Records

Cassette Tape (Sold Out)
Title : Down The Road
Artist : Lost Weekend
Catalog No. : FLRCT-01
Format : Casette Tape
Release Date : 2022.08.24.
Price :2,500yen (without Tax) 2,750yen (Tax in)
Label : Flower Records

-Comments from the World-

“very Balearic Breakfast
Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy (Worldwide FM/Classic Album Sundays)

 “I listened to the whole thing on repeat and really enjoyed the album. The choice of sounds and the vibes are totally right at the moment”
Kay Suzuki (Time-Capsule/Beauty and Beats)

“this is AWESOME”
Danalogue (The Comet is Coming/Soccer 99)

“What a gorgeous version of (“At Last I Am Free”); brings a totally new light to the original”
Tina Edwards (Worldwide FM/Broadcaster, DJ & Music Journalist)

“This was a very soothing way to start the day! I especially loved the cover at the end. 
It’s beautiful music, just right for now”

Emma Warren (Worldwide FM)

“Super nice listen. Really enjoyed it…”
Sofi Bastos (Worldwide FM)

“I loved this!  I played “Lost Weekend Suite (Part 1)” on my show!”
Mafalda (NTS Radio)