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Pick Me Up I'll Dance / SPECTA


SPECTA(ハウス・ミュージック・プロダクション・ユニット)の新作は、Melba Mooreの傑作「Pick Me Up、I'll Dance」のカヴァー。
また高宮永徹によるE.T. Remixは、ヴォーカルトラックをフルに使いながらも、より「ハウス」なフィーリングを前面に押し出したトラックに仕上がりました。シカゴハウスを彷彿とさせるベースラインに、リフレインするシンセが印象的な、フロア仕様のリミックスです。

SPECTA, house music production unit, releases a new cover song which is Melba Moore's master piece "Pick Me Up, I'll Dance". SPECTA provides a straight-ahead soulful house track that big house music lovers exactly expect: groovy bass line,  rich vocals, crisp drum programming, and well-constructed beat progression that create distinctive atmosphere on the dance floor. 
The remix is also done by Eitetsu Takamiya, well known as the founder of Flower Records in Tokyo. An ambient synth wash and feather-brushed cymbals provide just enough structure to roam carelessly, its open-ended abandon suggesting, in the best possible way, that its melodic improvisation might go on forever.  

Title : Pick Me Up I'll Dance
Artist : SPECTA
Track List
01. Pick Me Up I'll Dance (Original Mix)
02. Pick Me Up I'll Dance (E.T. Remix)

Format : Digital Download
Catalog Number : FLRD-041
Release Date : 2017.11.07 on BEATPORT (4weeks exclusive)

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